Emily Chao

Hi! I'm Emily, a recent graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a B.S. in Computer Science. I currently work at Twitter as a software engineer.

While I love writing code (you can see some of my projects below and on Github), I also like writing essays. I have experience writing editorials and indepths from my high school days where I spent 3 years on staff for our national award-winning newsmagazine, Lakota East Spark (check out our Issuu). Now I occasionally produce pieces on my Medium.

While I no longer do any journalism-related activities, I still believe it's important to have people's stories get told and people's voices get heard. I'm very fortunate that I have found avenues to apply my software engineering skills towards this goal.

My other interests include: full-stack web development, software for social good, data science and machine learning, and technology policy and ethics.

Selected Projects


A Chrome Extension showing how safe and LGBTQ-friendly a city is based on Airbnb listings.


A prototype for a social network and article sharing site targeted towards AAPI LGBTQ young people.


A prototype for a social network and digital assistants for newly-released ex-convicts.

V1 V2
Clean Energy Myanmar

Analyze characteristics of Myanmar townships and how that influences ability to pay for electricity.

I Change, You Change

Fictional novella set in the future, postulating on what would happen if VR went unregulated?

WCS @ Illinois

Tech Team Co-Chair Fall '16, Webmaster '15-'16, Mentoring Chair '14-'15