Emily Chao

Pronouns: they/them

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By Day

I currently work as a software engineer at Recidiviz, working on tools and data platforms that shed light on ways to nudge criminal justice systems in the US towards decarceration. Previously, I was an ML engineer at Twitter, working on detections and remediations that support user trust and safety and prevent harassment, abuse and manipulation in online discourse on the platform. I graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a B.S. in Computer Science. I'm currently living on unceded Ohlone land (Oakland, CA).

Areas of Interest: civic technology, trust and safety in online discourse, ethical and fair ML/AI, technology policy

By Night

I help organize the East Bay Alternative Books and Zines Fest and am also helping to steward Logic School. I dabble in creative writing, street and landscape photography as creative art practices. I also enjoy cooking Chinese food, reading a lot of fiction, poetry and graphic novels, watching anything animated, curating and degendering fashion, and listening to albums from beginning to end.

Causes I Care About: Black Lives Matter, prison and police abolition, urbanism, anti-capitalism

Fun Projects