Media Roundups

When the COVID-19 global pandemic struck the United States in March 2020, I decided to start meticulously tracking every single piece of media I consumed, because I was expecting to spend a lot of time by myself. To go from having an active social life and a crappy job before to having a crappy job that I now have to work from home for and no social life to take the pain away, I dove headfirst into a world of media. Call it unhealthy, but what even was healthy about this time? (Don’t worry, I have since quit said crappy job and am in a much better place.)

When 2021 arrived around the corner, with the news of a vaccine being approved for FDA Emergency Use Authorization, I was still not seeing much hope, but at least things were turning a corner. I found this analysis of the media I consumed and the categorizations I started tracking alongside it immensely fun. It was nice to have a catalog to look back on and to see the trends and patterns I found myself in. I started posting these round ups on Twitter.

For each of my round ups, while I have a lot of different categories (you can see more at, I only really enjoy books and albums in large enough quantities to do a Top N. Prior to the pandemic, I rarely watched TV and I saw movies in theaters, but am not well-versed enough to consider myself a cinemaphile. I appreciate cinema, but the inertia it takes me to get into it is a much higher threshold than maybe your average person.

Now, I’ve finally figured out Jekyll (much thanks to my dear friend Skyler whose site was a big big inspiration) and I’m now ready to share those Twitter threads in a more permeable place. Enjoy this slice of the world of media I’ve hopped into for the 2020s.